Artist creates the Benevity Brave Board.

Video Project: The Benevity Brave Board

What happens when you ask women at a technology conference what their imperfections are?

To understand the challenges women face in entering the tech world, we joined Benevity and Chic Geek at Geeky Summit to ask women at the conference what their imperfections were.

With help from local artist Sam Hester, we created the Benevity Brave Board – a space for women to write down what they perceived as their imperfections, and to ponder how these so-called flaws could also be viewed as strengths.

As the board began to fill up, we noticed a lot of commonalities. Soon, themes emerged and conversations began happening on the board, in person, and on camera. As we learned that while we’re all more alike than we are different, we also realized it’s our truly unique qualities that contribute to building resilience, success, and strength in an otherwise homogenous sector.

Read more about the project on Benevity’s blog, and watch the video here.