The Journey from Script to Screen



The challenge

A script for a feature-length biopic had been revised several times. The writer wanted to make sure the story was ready for producers who’d optioned the script at the pitch stage but had yet to see a draft.

The Writing Department solution

Our professional screenwriter and story editor evaluated the writer’s script, working with her to assess what needed to be done to have the next draft ready. After assembling structure and story notes, the story editor met with the writer to discuss them, helped her refine the story she was so passionate to tell, and created a plan for the next draft.

The result

The story editing session reinvigorated the writer, helping her focus on the strengths of the script and overcome issues within the story.

The assessments also helped the writer envision new, exciting scenes and more clearly define her characters, enabling her to finish the rewrites with confidence and enthusiasm. Next stop, the big screen!

Working with the script editor was an extremely helpful and transformative experience. I’d rewritten this particular script multiple times, yet was still struggling to mesh two different but related storylines together.

Through balanced feedback, insightful suggestions and, perhaps most importantly, asking the right questions, the script editor helped me create a profoundly stronger screenplay.” – Maryanne Pope, screenwriter