State & Main digital campaign video screen shot

Digital Ad Campaign for State & Main

State & Main wanted to create an original digital campaign using footage previously shot by talented cinematographer Doug Cook. Our goal was to increase brand recognition and be memorable, while also echoing the look of their latest TV commercial on Sportsnet.

With several TB of footage to review, we settled on a creative concept that showcased key menu items and played up the ampersand in the brand logo to lift awareness and engage viewers. Next, we created short copy stingers that could work as titles, re-edited the footage, and created six unique digital ads ranging from 6 to 15 seconds in length. Finally, we colourized the footage to match the look of the in-market commercial and wrote playful post copy for each ad.

It was a fun challenge and a great way for us to help our client repurpose existing brand assets in a completely new way.